Mobile Moggies!

Arthritis is relatively common in older cats although they do not often show the lameness signs we associate with dogs suffering from arthritis. This is because cats are relatively small and agile and they can hide and cover up mobility difficulties caused by arthritis. Instead, affected cats are more likely to show subtle changes in lifestyle … Read more

Why should I pick it up?

Dog fouling, it’s not just a ‘litter’ issue, it’s against the law! We’ve all been there, that familiar squish underfoot and immediately identifiable pungent odour that wrinkles the noses of even the strong stomached, you’ve trodden in someone else’s dog poo!! But apart from the obvious annoyance, wiping of shoes on the grass and trying … Read more

Torn Apart By The Effects Of Lungworm

You may have noticed a number of reports in the press recently about the potentially life threatening lungworm parasite Angiostrongylus vasorum. Unlike intestinal worms, once inside your dog’s system, this parasite travels through their body eventually ending up in the heart. If the infection is left untreated, your dog’s health can rapidly deteriorate, often resulting in … Read more