Mobile Moggies!

Arthritis is relatively common in older cats although they do not often show the lameness signs we associate with dogs suffering from arthritis. This is because cats are relatively small and agile and they can hide and cover up mobility difficulties caused by arthritis. Instead, affected cats are more likely to show subtle changes in lifestyle … Read more

Meet Oscar!

Oscar Turner has been a frequent visitor to our Lydd and Ashford surgeries over a period of many months due to an extensive injury he suffered to his paw and lower leg. It is a mystery how the injury occurred as he arrived home one morning with lacerations to his leg, exposing his tendons. Oscar underwent several operations to remove dead tissue, … Read more

Pet Laser Therapy

We’re very pleased to announce we performed our first laser therapy at our Kingsnorth branch on Gracie the cat. Laser therapy can help with chronic conditions like arthritis and acute problems like post operative pain. To find out more about how laser therapy can help your pet please click below. lasertherapy.html#.Uvk9Uvl_slQ