November is Diabetes Month

Pet Diabetes Month is a nationwide campaign by vets to raise awareness of diabetes in cats and dogs and support the testing of our potentially vulnerable pets for the disease. Diabetes is a serious and potentially life threatening disease and it is affecting more and more cats and dogs in the UK (1). It is … Read more

Time Is Running Out!

In England, all dogs will need to be microchipped from 6 April 2016. Dog owners will need to: Have their dog microchipped and registered on one of the authorised commercial databases Keep their contact details up-to-date on the databases Where a dog is transferred to a new keeper, the new keeper must, unless the previous keeper … Read more

Don’t forget your dogs this ‘Movember’!

Cinque Ports Vets are taking part in a national pet welfare initiative to raise awareness of the serious health threat that prostate disease can cause in un-neutered male dogs. Severe disease causes symptoms such as constipation, lameness and difficulties in urination. It can affect the majority of un-neutered male dogs over 5 years old and … Read more

Dog Law Seminars

Are you interested in the law surrounding dogs? There are some seminars coming up in the local area provided by a firm of solicitors specialising in dog law. They are available to dog owners and professionals. Please click on the link for more details. Dog Law.pdf