Keyhole at Rye

Keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery is available at our Rye branch for your dog’s routine spay operation. This is a minimally invasive technique involving 2-3 small skin incisions to remove the ovaries. Both keyhole and conventional surgical techniques have various benefits depending on the patient. Please see our website or call us to find out more information … Read more

Could your pet be affected by Kidney Disease?

Kidney disease, also referred to as renal disease or failure occurs in both cats and dogs. What is kidney disease? In a healthy pet, the kidneys filter waste products that are produced by the body. The kidneys are responsible for cleansing the blood of the waste products and maintaining levels of water and salt within the … Read more

Cat Friendly at Tenterden

Our Tenterden team are delighted to have been awarded Silver accreditation by the International Society of Feline Medicine as a “Cat Friendly Clinic”. An accredited Cat Friendly Clinic has a higher standard of feline care. All of our team understand the needs of cats and we have made surgery visits more cat friendly, with our dedicated Cat … Read more

Protecting Your Rabbit

Your rabbit should be protected against two major diseases called Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease RHD1 and RHD2. These can be potentially fatal. All types of rabbit are potentially susceptible, including house rabbits. Myxomatosis Myxomatosis is a widespread disease caused by a virus. The disease is spread by blood- sucking insects such as the rabbit flea and mosquitoes. When … Read more