Could your pet be affected by Kidney Disease?

Kidney disease, also referred to as renal disease or failure occurs in both cats and dogs. What is kidney disease? In a healthy pet, the kidneys filter waste products that are produced by the body. The kidneys are responsible for cleansing the blood of the waste products and maintaining levels of water and salt within the … Read more

Mobile Moggies!

Arthritis is relatively common in older cats although they do not often show the lameness signs we associate with dogs suffering from arthritis. This is because cats are relatively small and agile and they can hide and cover up mobility difficulties caused by arthritis. Instead, affected cats are more likely to show subtle changes in lifestyle … Read more

November is Diabetes Month

Pet Diabetes Month is a nationwide campaign by vets to raise awareness of diabetes in cats and dogs and support the testing of our potentially vulnerable pets for the disease. Diabetes is a serious and potentially life threatening disease and it is affecting more and more cats and dogs in the UK (1). It is … Read more