Mobile Moggies!

Arthritis is relatively common in older cats although they do not often show the lameness signs we associate with dogs suffering from arthritis. This is because cats are relatively small and agile and they can hide and cover up mobility difficulties caused by arthritis. Instead, affected cats are more likely to show subtle changes in lifestyle … Read more

Winter Worries!

It’s hard to believe that autumn is over and we have the long cold winter months ahead of us! We have put together some seasonal tips to keep your pets fit and healthy this winter. • Do not give your pet chocolate, unless it is the dog variety! Chocolate contains theobromine that is poisonous to pets … Read more

October is Arthritis Awareness Month

October is Canine Arthritis Awareness Month sponsored by Merial manufacturers of Previcox. If your dog is over 7 years old and you are worried they may be slowing down, pop in to your local branch and pick up a symptom checklist. If your dog shows any of the signs why not book an appointment* with … Read more