Missing Pets

It is an awful feeling when your much loved pet has gone missing. Cinque Ports Vets would like to help. We are offering the use of our website and our social networks to help you get your pet home. We also have a Facebook Group to help share your missing pet details.

If you would like us to post your pets’ details on our website and social media pages, please fill in the form below with the relevant information. Remember to include a photo if you have one. Your pet’s details will appear below along with your contact information. If you do not wish your contact details to appear on our website page PLEASE STATE THIS clearly on the form and we will be happy to use our email details. NO personal information is posted on our social media pages.

Please fill in the Reporting a lost/found pet Form

There are also many websites which allow you to register your missing pet. Animal Search UK is the largest missing and found pet organisation and offer free specialist help www.animalsearchuk.co.uk

If you have spotted any of the pets below please email us lostandfound@cinqueportsvets.co.uk , call the number in the missing pet notice below or ring your local branch of Cinque Ports Vets.

Don’t forget to let us know when you have found your pet, so we can remove their details.

Missing Cats

Date last SeenDescriptionSex/BreedChipped/CollarImageArea LostContact
2.12.19Chip is 9 months old haven't seen since Monday nightMale EntireNo chipChristchurch road /Francis road/beaver road area01233334318

26.10.19Tallulah Blonde tabby, complete right leg amputation. 9 years old She's quite timid and may run from strangers. Responds to Tallulah, or LoolahFemale NeuteredNo collar
Hawkhurst, Heartenoak Rd/Ockley Lane01580753106

4.10.19Barrie White and black male cat, front white,rear black, pink ears, black nose, yellow eyesMale NeuteredWas blue unknown if still wearing ChippedGuestling Green07892374025

27.8.19Pepper White with tabby markings Indoor cat, never been out. She’s timid and will hide.Female EntireChippedAshford Town Centre07450169938

27.8.19Dolly Tortoiseshell black, orange and brown, she has no white. Indoor cat, never been out. She’s very friendly and likes peopleFemale EntireNo chipAshford Town Centre07450169938

1.8.19Kitty Black and white, sides look brown during summer months.Male DLHChipped Brown collar with tagHawkhurst07946656208

2.8.19Indie Dark tortoiseshell, very friendlyBSH Neutered FemaleNo chipAshford Road, near Bromley Green01233733514

31.1.19Sherlock Tabby bengal - stripy with spotty tum. FriendlyMale Neutered BengalChippedBiddenden07909543685 bob@realitytraining.com

Missing Dogs

Date last SeenDescriptionSex/BreedChipped/CollarImageArea LostContact
23.7.19Patch Black with white patch on chestLurcher MaleChippedWoodchurch07464619634 mariaelizabeth.watson@gmail.com

Missing Other Species

Date last SeenDescriptionSex/SpeciesChippedImageArea LostContact
11.6.19Dino is a Mediterranean Spur Thigh Tortoise, who is around 25 yrs old and has burrowed out of our garden along brook street, woodchurch. Has a few small chips on his shell.Mediteranean Spur Thigh TortoiseWoodchurch07919214617