Canine Mobility Questionnaire


Give each question a rating from 1-5                                                                                               

Difficulty rising from a resting position? 1 (Very easily) 5 (With great difficulty)

Lying down or resting more than usual?  1 (Normal) 5 (Resting a Lot)

Sleeping in different places/positions? 1 (Normal) 5 (Different)

Change in behaviour?  1 (Normal) 5 (Grumpy)

Stiffness after exercise ? 1 (Mild or infrequent) 5 (Frequent or severe)

Limping? 1 (No lameness) 5 (Lame)

Difficulty walking,running or jumping? 1 (With ease) 5 (Great Reluctance)

Trouble climbing stairs? 1 (Very easily) 5 (Great difficulty)

Decreased appetite or disinterest in food? 1 (Eats normally) 5 (Abnormal)

Tires more easily when going for walks? 1 (Not at all) 5 (Very tired)

If you scored more than one in any of the questions please contact your local branch of Cinque Ports Vets so we can arrange an assessment of your pet for you.