Cinque Ports Vets Green Policy

Cinque Ports Veterinary Group has made a strong commitment to become a greener to help reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.


Why Recycle?

By recycling materials and using recycled products we can reduce the amount of waste that goes into land fill and reduce carbon emissions.



We encourage all team members to embrace the 3 R’s:

  • Reduce
  • Re-use
  • Recycle

We try to reduce all waste by only printing/using paper when we have to, we only give out plastic bags when they are required, re-using as much as we can; scrap paper; plastic bags etc.

A recycling system has been set up in each individual branch, enabling us to recycle paper, plastics, cans, cardboard and confidential documents.

We are also extremely careful to make sure we are disposing of all our chemical waste correctly and not throwing harmful products down the drain.

We also use digital X-ray machines and have a plan in place to renew all our X-ray machines with digital facilities, thereby reducing the risk of using hazardous chemicals.



What are we doing?

  • Turning off the lights and computer systems at the end of each day where possible
  • Only using air conditioning when it is really necessary
  • Unplugging electrical devices when they are not being used – charging equipment still drains energy if it is left in
  • Replacing light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs
  • Using our washing machines on cooler cycles