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Please complete the fields below and a member of staff from Cinque Ports Vets will be in touch to confirm your registration with the practice. If you have several pets, you can return to this page to register additional pets. Please tick the 'Call me to receive a Vetsure Pet Insurance quote' box if you are interested in receiving a pet insurance quote and a member of staff from the Vetsure team will also be in touch.

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Please state the name of previous veterinary practice your pet(s) were registered with if applicable.

Data Protection: We will use the personal information you give us exclusively for the purposes of registering your pet with Cinque Ports Vets. We will not pass on any of your details to any outside organisations or individuals unless with your express consent and will only pass your contact details to Vetsure Pet Insurance for the purposes of providing a quote if requested in the form above.

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